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While trying to find a low or non-shedding dog, our interest in Goldendoodles began online many years ago while we were living far away from the mountains.  Then on a lovely trip to Asheville, NC we met a Goldendoodle and fell in love, we knew this was the dog for us.  Within three years we were the proud owners of two sweet Goldendoodles and had moved to our dream destination, Asheville, North Carolina.
We've always owned dogs in the retriever family and know that not only are they smart but their temperament is so sweet and loving.  Add the smart and loyal poodle and you have the perfect low or non-shedding dog.  Our dogs are members of our family and they know it. 
It is our goal to share these beautiful family dogs with others.
Take a look around, fall in love and please let us know if you have any questions.


All of our sweet puppies
have found their families.


Tiger Lily as a puppy

   "Our Belle is an absolute joy, and brings an incredible amount of joy to our family.  She is tugged on from all directions by my three girls, and she plays hard.  She is very lucky that her brother Ferris lives with very close family friends and lives just 2 miles from us, they have one or two play dates a week.  The dogs from this particular litter as represented by Belle and Ferris, are kind, low strung, laid back, obedient animals.  They are easily trained and have a great disposition.
   Mary's pups come into your family, healthy and well adjusted and are so easy to bring into a home.  When you get two siblings together, it's a lot of fun for all involved....
   We would recommend your pups to anyone without any reservation."
                                                                                                               Happy Puppy Family (2013)

Cool Whip F2b from a previous litter.

"Thanks for visiting!"

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